In a fast-paced world of a thousand pieces of news posted per second, chances are high that you’re missing out on something. However, even this multilayer cluster of stories contains bright spots that can't go unnoticed, such as Apple’s million-views product announcements. While the focus is not solely on new Apple products themselves (although their quality is undeniable), we are particularly interested in how these announcements impact the stock of the Cupertino-based technology company.

Speaking of news, experienced traders follow the economic calendar to stay on top of major events.

On June 5, 2023, Apple announced its first major product since 2014 – a $3,499 mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro. This innovative device overlays virtual objects onto the real world using multiple cameras to capture the surroundings. It is controlled through voice commands, eye movements, and hand gestures, eliminating the need for a separate controller. The device also features a wheel that allows users to adjust their level of immersion in the virtual space.

In the run-up to the event, investors boosted Apple stock to an all-time high of $184.95, surpassing the previous record set in January 2022. Back then, Apple became the first company in the world with a capitalization of more than $3 trillion, but it couldn't sustain that level by the end of the trading day.

During the product informercial, the stock initially experienced a 1.5% increase, but the upward trend was soon replaced by a decline before recovering again. But as the presentation drew to a close, the stock price dropped along with the Nasdaq Composite Index.

Apple Stock / IXIC Chart by TradingView

In addition, Apple presented other products during the event, including a 15-inch MacBook Air and professional-grade computers like the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. However, it is the Vision Pro headset that marks Apple's first significant venture into a new product category since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2014.

Apple Stock Chart by TradingView

Since the beginning of 2023, Apple's stock has climbed nearly 40%. The 12-month price forecast for Apple Inc. suggests a median target of 185.00, indicating a +3% increase from the last recorded price of 179.61. Apple stock has been a safe-haven asset for a long time. However, we just want to remind you that conducting a thorough analysis remains crucial for executing a truly successful trade. This is rule #1 that every investor should stick to.